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Frank Orr, owner of Frank’s Tree Service, answers every call and handles every quote, ensuring each job is of the highest quality. Frank’s employees are highly-skilled and are licensed, bonded and insured.

Frank maintains the trees on some of the area’s most prestigious golf courses, businesses large and small, apartment and housing complexes, and homes in the greater Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.


The answer is simple…Frank’s lifelong mission is to treat people the right way and provide excellent service. That means treating all jobs the same and all people the same.

Cleanliness: What good is removing stumps, trimming trees, or cleaning up debris if a mess is left behind or your yard is torn apart in the process? Use Frank’s for a clean job site during the job and after.

Time: When major property damage occurs during a storm, debris needs to be removed before any repairs can be started. Fallen limbs, trees, and branches can cause a major safety issue as well. For fast service, call Frank.

Price: Having your trees trimmed or removing that stump in the yard isn’t at the top of most people’s financial priorities list. Call Frank for a price you can afford.

The Area’s Best Tree Climber:

Machines can’t do it all. Many times, tight spaces don’t allow for large bucket trucks on the job site. Frank employs one of the area’s best tree climbers to help with the job. This also ensures no damage will occur from large vehicles on your property.

Quality Equipment:

You’ve seen the trucks! Frank utilizes a large fleet of quality vehicles to tackle any size job. The trucks, trailers, bucket lifts, and chippers allow for fast service and speedy cleanup.

We rely on referrals and most of our customers are repeat customers! That tells you that our quality speaks for itself!Give us a try today, call 319 366-4747.

Tree Service Cedar Rapids, Iowa

As a homeowner, you put a lot of time and effort into your lawn and garden, and naturally want it to look as well-kept as it can. One important part of lawn and garden care is tree care and maintenance. If you are unsure of what needs to be done or are unable to do everything you know you need to do to keep your trees in good shape, it is time to look for tree services commonly offered in your area. Some of the most common services homeowners take advantage of include the following services proudly offered by Frank’s Tree Service of Cedar Rapids, Iowa:

Tree Trimming

It is important to keep up with tree trimming so your trees stay healthy and in shape. While most trees have a natural way that they grow and send out their branches as they grow, at times it is necessary to trim some of the branches out of the way. If they get too close to power lines or hang over your home, it can cause problems down the road. The best way to prevent these problems before they happen is to trim the trees. Even if you have experience caring for trees. If you have branches bigger around than your arm or ones that are hanging over your home or other important property, it is best to call in the tree-trimming experts. It is better to invest in expert help than risk hurting yourself or damaging your property by trying to do it yourself without the proper skills and tools.

Tree Health Check

Professional tree care experts can help ensure your trees are healthy and can also help you keep them that way season after season.  If you live in an area that has drastic changes in seasons, it is best to inspect your trees after each winter when things begin to thaw out. Winter can be especially hard on trees and, if it was a particularly harsh winter, it is important to have your trees professionally assessed. Damage can lay hidden until well into the growing season, and by then, the tree can be so weak that it becomes more susceptible to other damage, disease, and insect infestations. If you live in an area without harsh winter weather to worry about, you likely have longer growing seasons and have more problems with insects and disease. A professional tree inspection done by the Frank’s Tree Service team in Cedar Rapids can help pinpoint problems early on and can help you take steps to protect your trees and keep them as healthy as you can for as long as possible.

Tree Removal

Sometimes a situation arises where a tree or set of trees need to be removed. There are a number of reasons for this, and a professional tree service provider can take care of any of these situations for you. If a tree is growing too close to your home or other piece of property, then it may be best to remove the tree before it damages your property. If a tree is sick and dying because of age, insects, or disease, then it needs to be removed before it fully dies and falls. If a tree is damaged severely in a storm and is weakened, it may be best to remove it completely before disease sets in and makes it a hazard. Tree removal is a controlled way to take a tree down on your terms and without damaging your property or injuring yourself, so be sure to call your local tree care experts at Frank’s Tree Service for all of your tree removal service needs.

Tree Planting

If you are thinking about planting new trees to add to your landscape, it is important to think about the long-term needs and the look of the trees you are considering. Professional tree service providers in your area can help you find the trees that are best suited for your location and your property. They will help you consider conditions, such as your soil, local weather and temperatures, yard layout, and other important factors, that can impact what kind of tree would be best for your location.  If you plant trees that will get too big, you may end up needing to have them removed in 10 years when they are damaging your home. If you plant trees that are not suited for your local temperature range, they may die out in the winter, struggle to thrive, or be more susceptible to pest and disease. If you plant trees that need more water than your local climate usually provides, it will mean a lot more work for you to keep them alive and healthy. Working with tree experts makes it easier for you to find the trees that are perfect for your wants, needs, and locations.

Tree Maintenance

The final way tree experts can provide the tree services that you want and need is with general tree maintenance and care. Staying on top of general pruning, inspections, watering, weeding, and care will keep your trees looking great and will keep them healthy, too. Contact your local Cedar Rapids tree care experts to get the tree services that are tailored for your unique wants, needs, and situation.

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