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Frank’s does all jobs, big and small. Every job is fully cleared of all debris, on time, at an
affordable price. Need services? Call Frank at (319) 366-4747 today!

Storm Damage

After a severe storm, the last thing you want is to have to wait for weeks to have fallen trees removed from your yard. Especially, if they are damaging your house, other property or your neighboring properties!
No matter the size of the tree, we can handle the removal and cleanup.

Topping Trees

If you have large trees on your property that pose a risk of damaging your home or property in a storm, then topping your tree may be the answer for you. Our trained professionals will perform this task with the least amount of damage to your tree, and thus, the least amount of possible damage to your home or property.

Lot Clearing

Homeowners, contractors, and developers have contacted us to clear trees, stumps, and other debris from their lots in order to build new homes, businesses, gardens, public spaces, and more. Call us today to take your lot from and unusable area to one that can be enjoyed for years to come.


Frank maintains the trees on some of the area’s most prestigious golf courses, businesses large and small, and apartment and housing complexes. We have the equipment and the expertise to handle even the most complex commercial tree trimming and removal. You can count on our careful staff to perform the job safely and leave your job site clean afterwards.


We know that when you need the tress around your home trimmed or removed, you want the job done by professionals. Our staff has the knowledge and equipment to perform a safe, expert job and to leave the site clean.

Stump Grinding

So, you just bought a new house and the previous owners left a big stump in your yard, or maybe you had a tree that needed to be cut down after a storm and you were unable to remove the stump at the time. Stumps are an eye sore and a safety hazard. Removing them will make your property look much better! Call Frank today for fast and affordable stump removal with an immaculate cleanup!

Oak Tree Trimming

From October through March is the best time to have your oak trees inspected and trimmed to keep them healthy. This is very important, as the chance of these trees developing oak wilt poses a high risk to the tree’s overall health. Avoid pruning oak trees during their most active growing season, which is April – June. To keep your trees healthy and to lessen the chance of damage to the tree or property damage during a storm, call Frank today at 319-366-4747.



Often times, trees on your property are the last thing you want to worry about. It’s another expense that piles up that many may feel unnecessary. However, keeping your trees in the best shape possible has several huge advantages:

Frank maintains the trees on some of the area’s most prestigious golf courses, businesses large and small, apartment and housing complexes, and homes in the greater Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.

  • Less chance of major amounts of debris after a storm
  • Curb appeal!
  • Easier maintenance
  • Less chance of a dangerous situation involving large branches after a storm
  • Less chance of property damage during a storm

The answer is simple… Frank’s lifelong mission is to treat people the right way and provide excellent service. That means treating all jobs the same and all people the same.

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Our Team

Tyler Larimer

Experienced Climber

Tyler started as an apprentice climber 4 years ago and worked his way up from there. “Someone told me to try something new. Climbing is fun, I love it, and I keep learning new techniques every day to better myself.”

Darnell Woods

Experienced Climber

Darnell joined the company 7 years ago and has been climbing for the past 2. He credits Frank, his stepdad, as the reason why he got into the tree industry that he so enjoys.


Frank and his crew did a great job cleaning up trees and brush on our property. Frank is professional, dependable, and understands what it takes to provide great customer service. Two other local companies never showed up as promised to quote our job. Frank showed up within a couple days to provide a quote, and our job was complete within a month of approving the quote. It would have been sooner, but rain put Frank’s crew behind schedule. Frank’s Tree Service will be our #1 choice for tree service in the future, and we would recommend his services to anyone.

Dave and Vicki D.

I called eight tree services companies. Only five of them showed up, and Frank was the only one who followed through. Frank knew how to tackle my job right away. Frank was able to utilize a 120-ton mega-crane, and it was awesome to watch! His equipment is the best around by far, and his employees work hard and seem to enjoy working for Frank. Alliant Energy actually referred me to Frank, saying that he was the best for the job! I would recommend him to anyone.

Hal C.

We hired Frank’s on nothing more than a gentleman’s handshake agreement to trim up a mature ash tree in our front yard. We also requested the removal of a locust tree limb threatening our storage shed in the backyard. Well, we could hot have more pleased with the end results. When we came home from a four-hour errand, we did not realize Frank’s had been there, performed the requested work, and cleaned up to near spotless perfection. Now that is professional work at its best. Frank is a man of his word, and I would recommend him to anyone needing tree trimming services.

Dave G.

We have three of the largest trees in our neighborhood which hadn’t been taken care of for years. There were large branches over the neighbors’ houses and driveways on both sides, and also over our house. We also have new flowers planted in the front of our house that weren’t receiving any sunlight due to some of the overgrowth of the trees. Frank came out and took care of everything while we were at work. We got home and didn’t even notice he came – the cleanup was immaculate. After talking to neighbors, his price seems pretty competitive, and he’s widely used in our area. We highly recommend Frank to anybody needing quality tree service of stump removal.

Josh P.

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