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Frank Orr, owner of Frank’s Tree Service, answers every call and handles every quote, ensuring each job is of the highest quality. Frank’s employees are highly-skilled and are licensed, bonded and insured.

Frank maintains the trees on some of the area’s most prestigious golf courses, businesses large and small, apartment and housing complexes, and homes in the greater Cedar Rapids, Iowa area.


The answer is simple…Frank’s lifelong mission is to treat people the right way and provide excellent service. That means treating all jobs the same and all people the same.

Cleanliness: What good is removing stumps, trimming trees, or cleaning up debris if a mess is left behind or your yard is torn apart in the process? Use Frank’s for a clean job site during the job and after.

Time: When major property damage occurs during a storm, debris needs to be removed before any repairs can be started. Fallen limbs, trees, and branches can cause a major safety issue as well. For fast service, call Frank.

Price: Having your trees trimmed or removing that stump in the yard isn’t at the top of most people’s financial priorities list. Call Frank for a price you can afford.

The Area’s Best Tree Climber:

Machines can’t do it all. Many times, tight spaces don’t allow for large bucket trucks on the job site. Frank employs one of the area’s best tree climbers to help with the job. This also ensures no damage will occur from large vehicles on your property.

Quality Equipment:

You’ve seen the trucks! Frank utilizes a large fleet of quality vehicles to tackle any size job. The trucks, trailers, bucket lifts, and chippers allow for fast service and speedy cleanup.

We rely on referrals and most of our customers are repeat customers! That tells you that our quality speaks for itself!Give us a try today, call 319 366-4747.

Tree Removal Cedar Rapids, Iowa

There are many benefits to be had from tree trimming and tree removal services in the local area. Homeowners can benefit greatly from the expert insight and skill sets that tree care professionals can provide. The name more homeowners in the area trust when it comes to tree maintenance and care is Frank’s Tree Service in Iowa. Their reputation for quality and excellence speaks for itself. You need to get this insight and assistance in order to take the best possible care of your trees and to enjoy the benefits, which include:

Providing care for your landscape trees is a great way to improve their health and will go a long way in helping to ensure they have a long life of beauty and shade for your family. It is also important for homeowners to understand how their trees impact their yards and landscapes, and that they understand how to take care of their tress from the very start. Here are some tips from the experts at Frank’s Tree Service in Iowa to help you find and maintain healthy trees in your landscape from the get-go:

Know Your Limits

Many homeowners in the state have the best of intentions when they get started with their landscapes, but they ultimately end up biting off more than they can chew with their home landscape designs.  It is important to do what you know and are familiar with, and to not jump in too far before you know what you are getting yourself into when it comes to the care your trees will need. Be honest with yourself about how much time you can devote to your landscape and what you are willing to do in terms of tree care and maintenance. It’s better to have two trees you can focus on and take care of than to have six you are unable to maintain.

Start Small and Go Slow

Another mistake that homeowners make is that they have grandiose dreams of stunning landscapes with pristine lawns and elegant trees and shrubs. They are inspired by neighbors or pictures they see in their favorite gardening magazine, and they end up trying to do too much too fast. They try to design, install, and care for their dream landscape all in one go rather than planting in stages to make them easier handle. The plants and tress usually end up being neglected or not cared for properly and, as a result, are not as healthy and beautiful as they could be. So, start small and add to your design and collection as you get more comfortable.

Think Long-Term

Most homeowners fail to have accurate long-term vision when they look at their landscape plans and the dreams they have for their yards, gardens, and trees. The plants and trees may look good in the yard now, but what about six months or a year down the road when they reach their mature size or have done a lot of growing? Are you ready for the long-term care and maintenance of the tress you have selected? Be sure to consider mature size and spread to ensure you’re not overcrowding your design. Select trees that are appropriate for your yard, climate, and skill level. Professional tree maintenance services can help you take care of your trees.

Don’t Fear Failure

The final point that residential gardeners needs to remember is that failure should not be feared. Rather than something that is dreaded, it should be expected and it should be seen as an opportunity to learn and do things better the next time around. Everyone will make mistakes at first, and almost all of them can be corrected as long as you are starting small and progressing slowly. It is better to make a mistake with a simple sapling than a larger tree, or to learn on one tree rather than trying to keep up with a planting of six around your property. Our mistakes teach us, and they do not have to be expensive lessons if we are smart with how we approach tree care and maintenance.

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