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Cleanliness: What good is removing stumps, trimming trees, or cleaning up debris if a mess is left behind or your yard is torn apart in the process? Use Frank’s for a clean job site during the job and after.

Time: When major property damage occurs during a storm, debris needs to be removed before any repairs can be started. Fallen limbs, trees, and branches can cause a major safety issue as well. For fast service, call Frank.

Price: Having your trees trimmed or removing that stump in the yard isn’t at the top of most people’s financial priorities list. Call Frank for a price you can afford.

The Area’s Best Tree Climber:

Machines can’t do it all. Many times, tight spaces don’t allow for large bucket trucks on the job site. Frank employs one of the area’s best tree climbers to help with the job. This also ensures no damage will occur from large vehicles on your property.

Quality Equipment:

You’ve seen the trucks! Frank utilizes a large fleet of quality vehicles to tackle any size job. The trucks, trailers, bucket lifts, and chippers allow for fast service and speedy cleanup.

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Stump Grinder Cedar Rapids, Iowa

If you have had a tree recently removed or one has fallen due to damage during a storm, then you likely have a stump left over where the tree once stood. Stumps can be a major pain and can also be a safety hazard. Stump grinder services have many payoffs that you can enjoy, and we are going to look at some of the most important and beneficial benefits that Frank’s Tree Service of Iowa City has to offer:

Keeps the Landscape Beautiful

After you have taken such good care of your lawn and gardens and have taken steps to remove trees that are a nuisance or that have become weakened or diseased, the last thing you want is an ugly stump in the middle of your lawn. Stump grinding is an efficient way to remove unsightly stumps from your yard. It also helps remove the chances of annoying sprouts form shooting up from the root system after the tree has been removed. Tree stumps detract from the flow of your landscape and few things will destroy the pristine green flow of your lawn like a big dead stump. So, make sure that you call in the stump grinding experts in your area to take care of any of the stumps that you may have cluttering up your yard and gardens.

Keeps the Yard Safe for Use

Another reason you should seriously think about removing any dead tree stumps in your yard is that they can pose a very real safety hazard. When you are mowing your grass, you are more likely to hit a stump covered by taller grass, and this can damage your mower or cause injury to yourself or others. Family members can trip over stumps when they are in the yard, especially young children and even pets. At night, stumps can be nearly impossible to see and if they are near your sidewalk or driveway, people can trip over them when getting in and out of their cars or when trying to get to your house. Grinding stumps can remove these safety hazards and make your yard safe for everyone to use once again.

Keeps the Lawn Easier to Maintain

When you remove old dead stumps from your yard, you are also doing a lot of good when it comes to making your lawn and landscape easier to take care of and maintain day in and day out. When you have stumps in your yard, you have to worry about mowing around them and it is hard to cut the grass close to them, which can detract from how your landscape looks and makes more work for you in long run. It can be hard to get plants and flowers to grow around some stumps, and they can become eyesores and dead areas in your landscape and garden beds. Newly cut trees have stumps that are still alive and the tree will try to grow back by sending dozens of sprouts up from the root system. These tree sprouts can become a problem as well as a blemish in your yard and make more work for you to keep them cut back so they do not start to grow into a clump of trees. Calling the stump grinding experts in Iowa City is a great way to keep your yard as low maintenance as possible.

Protects the Rest of Your Trees

The final reason you need to seriously think about getting rid of those old stumps in your yard is that they can actually hurt your remaining trees.  As the stumps die, it will slowly begin to rot. This can lead to sunken areas of your yard, but it can also weaken the root structures of neighboring trees.  Additionally, stumps that are dead and decomposing can attract all sorts of harmful insects, such as carpenter ants, termites, weevils, leaf miners, grubs, beetles, and other pests that can attack and damage or even kill your remaining healthy trees. You’re doing a good thing by having problem trees removed, but do not leave the job half done - protect your trees by having the stump grinding team come take care of it for you today.

Contact the Stump Grinding Experts Today

To take advantage of stump grinding services nearby, contact the experts and let them assist you today. Stumps can be an unsightly hazard that puts you, your family, your home, and your landscape at risk. Don’t take the chance! Get quality stump grinding service today from Iowa City tree experts and see the difference that it can make.

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