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Why Is Tree Removal Necessary?

calender-icon March 9, 2020

Trees often create beautiful decorations throughout a yard that make them more than worth any minor complications they may cause. However, trees can also be a real issue if they either get sick, die, or otherwise impact the structure of your house. In this situation, the best tree removal Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer can be beneficial. This process can provide your home with the kind of protection that it needs to stay strong. And we at Franks Tree Service can provide it for you, if you need it.

Dead Trees – A Common Problem

When trees suffer from disease, damage, or old age, they may end up dying. However, a tree’s death is never as sudden or dramatic in impact as that of a person’s or an animal’s. For example, a tree could die in one part and end up slowly degrading in different sections slowly. This degradation can spread to other parts of the tree, weakening its limbs and making them more likely to fail or break off.

In this situation, a tree may seem otherwise normal or healthy and seem to need no removal at all. However, a dead tree will ultimately and almost inevitably lead to death in other areas. For example, diseases that affect a tree may spread to another one and cause a mass die-off that can be quite painful and nearly impossible to tolerate because of the risk that it might pose to your home and your family.

As a result, tree removal is often an absolute necessity as a way of keeping your home safe from danger. When you remove a dead tree, you get rid of a dangerous aspect of your yard that could worsen and become an even bigger problem. And you can also protect other trees from decay, degradation, and destruction, ensuring that you don’t suffer any adverse and unexpected problems with lawn care.

Storm-Damaged Trees – May Sneak Up On You

With every storm that impacts your home, you’re going to experience many types of damage throughout your yard that may be hard to predict and fix. For example, rain may cause your yard’s earth to wash away and make your yard less stable. That type of wear and tear takes place over several years and can trigger a broad array of changes that you won’t notice taking place.

The same thing can easily happen to your trees, given enough time. Take a severe snow storm for example. When snow lands on your trees, it weighs down their branches and can pull them downward. All of that weight can cause irrevocable damage to your trees that can worsen heavily with time. Even worse, it could cause damage to the trees’ structure that may cause the tree to die itself.

Again, this is a situation in which it may be necessary to contact tree removal experts. By getting rid of storm-damaged trees, you make your yard safer and more resistant to various types of damage. You also protect the health and well being of your family by ensuring that they don’t have to worry about any trees falling down in the middle of the night, causing damage to your home or injuring them in the process.

Encroaching Roots – A Hidden Danger

The threats that trees pose to a home or a yard aren’t always apparent or obvious. Though you might see sagging tree limbs or cracks in the trunk of a tree, even these issues are relatively hard to immediately spot and could cause problems later on in the future. However, the biggest secret issue that you’re likely to experience is that of tree roots. These hidden enemies can pose a real threat to your home.

First of all, roots may grow into or towards your septic tank and break inside. When this happens, your septic field is likely to crack and break, leading to the risk of operational failure that will require the help of professionals to manage. However, roots may even grow up against the foundation of your home. When this happens, your home may slowly, but irrevocably, end up very damaged.

Therefore, it is important to consider the critical importance of tree removal in this situation. If you are worried about this issue, you should have a tree specialist come to your house to make sure that there are no trees posing this threat. Doing so helps to ensure that you not only protect your home but keep yourself and your family safe from unexpected foundation failure when you can least afford it.

Tree Obstruction – Impacts Your Home Development

When you’re building homes or upgrading them in a variety of ways, you may run into a situation in which you need to build where a tree has grown. This problem is something that often becomes a man vs nature issue. Over time, you may grow to love a tree and believe that you need it in your yard. However, the tree may have to go to ensure that you get the home that you want.

In this situation, tree removal is often a tougher choice to face. For example, you may find that the tree helps support the overall strength and structure of your yard in ways you didn’t anticipate. And the limbs of the tree may also be in the way of certain construction elements. Even if the tree isn’t an issue, the limbs may stretch over your neighbor’s yard or into spots where you want to expand the home.

As a result, getting rid of a tree may be the only step that a person can take to regain their yard. Removing multiple trees may also be necessary, particularly if they grow close together and have large roots that stretch all throughout your yard. Therefore, it is critical to be very careful about this type of removal situation. Waiting too long or moving too fast could compromise the strength and integrity of your home in many unexpected ways.

Don’t Let Tree Decay Impact You

As you can see, there are many situations in which tree removal in Cedar Rapids, Iowa is absolutely necessary. These are just a few of the circumstances in which you might need to remove trees – there are many others. So if you’re concerned about this problem and want to ensure that you get the results that you need, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Franks Tree Service to get the help that you need. Our experts will do what is necessary to ensure that your home is fully protected from trees.

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