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Tree Removal Tips to Keep in Mind

calender-icon January 16, 2020

Getting rid of trees in a yard can be a real challenge for many homeowners. The many safety steps that you have to take can be more of a problem than you might think and could complicate how well you finish this process on your own. Thankfully, the best tree removal Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer can help. At Frank’s Tree Service, we have years of experience removing trees and will make sure that the process is as safe as possible for your needs.

Avoid Dangerous Weather Conditions

If you plan on getting tree removal soon and want to make sure that you don’t cause any problems, you should only try cutting them down in calm weather. People who work to remove trees during rainstorms or when winter is at its worst are only likely to trigger serious issues that can complicate how well they get rid of their trees and cause other problems that make their removal very dangerous and problematic to handle correctly.

For example, lightning strikes may cause complications that make removal very dangerous and hard to handle. Even worse, a homeowner may fall off of a ladder or from a tree when trying to cut limbs or otherwise work on its structure. Therefore, they need to take the time to understand this potential danger fully and to only schedule removal during times when they feel comfortable and safe to do so.

Don’t Work Near Power Lines

If you plan on removing trees on your own, take the best advice you’ll ever get from professionals and stay away from power lines. These lines have a bad habit of getting in the way and causing issues with your removal. These include making it hard to get rid of trees in a spot or attracting limbs that fall on the lines and cause an increased fire risk that makes this process very dangerous for your home and your safety.

Instead, contact a professional who can handle this situation for you instead. Though you will end up paying more money when you work with experts in this way, you’ll also avoid thorny issues that can make your removal more problematic. Remember: you should always put the well-being of your home and your family first when considering this type of home improvement process for a house or a yard that you own.

De-Energize Power Lines Before You Start

If you do have to work near power lines or can’t hire professionals for tree removal, make sure to contact your power company right away. These experts can temporarily de-energize or shield your power lines to keep you safe. They will charge you a fee for this step, as they need to take alternative means to ensure that those on your power line still get electricity while you work.

Remember: some utility companies may not offer this service because of the complications that it provides. However, a large number of them will so make sure to contact them to see if it is possible. When they get the power off, make sure that you work quickly, but safely, to minimize the fees that you must pay and to ensure that you can get the process done more rapidly and safely for your needs.

Always Work With Multiple People

Anybody trying to remove a tree or simply trim it needs to have multiple people who are working with them at all times to avoid complications. This problem is dangerous because many people try to handle these demands without having at least one other person available to hold the ladder. However, if the ladder slips and a person falls to the ground, they’ll be injured and have nobody around to help them or take them to the hospital if they need it.

Just as importantly, having multiple people around at the same time also helps to avoid problems such as limbs falling in the wrong direction. Instead, these experts can tie ropes and lines around the limb and pull them the right way to stop them from hitting a power line or a house. Doing so can ensure that everybody working on the trimming or removal process is as safe as possible from real injury.

Wear Safety Gear at All Times

Anybody who plans on removing a tree from their yard needs to have proper safety gear at all times. These include hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, hearing aids, guards for chainsaws, lines to guide falling limbs, and much more. All of this gear should be worn by everybody near the site, with a working zone measured around the perimeter of the tree where others cannot walk or stand unless they are part of the work crew.

Just as importantly, all of this gear needs to be inspected and maintained before it is used. For example, goggles should be checked for chips or cracks that could compromise their strength. And earplugs should be tested to make sure that they don’t let in more decibels than necessary. Following this step will make sure that tree removal is performed correctly without any serious injury.

Properly Plan the Tree Operation

Lastly, you need to make sure to take the time to plan the removal properly. Many people go in with saws and safety gear but aren’t sure how to handle this situation. They need to plan where they want the tree to fall and know how to make sure it falls in this direction. Typically, this process requires cutting the tree on the side where you want the tree to fall and using lines and steering poles to bring it to the ground.

For example, lines tied near the top of the tree help to provide more natural control of where it falls. However, this step is often one that many people cannot handle on their own. That’s because it is among the toughest and most challenging. Therefore, if you are in a tight spot that requires the exact removal of a tree, always contact a professional. Doing so will save you a lot of problems when and if the tree falls the wrong way during this operation.

You Can Get Help

As you can see, the best tree removal in Cedar Rapids, Iowa can be very safe if you take the time to understand these tips. Make sure that you do what you can to keep this process free of danger, including avoiding power lines and more, to keep yourself even safer. And, just as importantly, do what you can to seek out help from us at Frank’s Tree Service. Our professionals have years of experience and will do what is necessary to help you succeed in this process.


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