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Common Tree Service Techniques for Termite Infestation

calender-icon September 10, 2019

Termites have a nasty way of invading many trees and causing them to become weak and potentially dangerous should they fall over. So if you’re worried about termites, you need to know how the best tree service Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer can help and the many steps that you can take as a homeowner to ensure that your trees are as protected as possible from the dangers of termites.

Prevention is Critical

The first step that you need to take if you see termites in your trees is to prevent them from getting even worse. In fact, you should be taking prevention methods even before you notice termites in your trees. These include simple acts like placing traps around your garden and yard to detect and trap termites. If you see these pests in these traps and want to get rid of them, you need to spread prevention methods throughout your yard.

For example, treatments with various types of deterrents can keep termites out of your yard and ensure that they don’t cause any more damage. Just as importantly, you can also utilize methods such as regular inspections to look through mud tunnels or holes in your yard. These tunnels are typically the first warning symptom of termites in your yard and give you an insight into what tree they may invade and how you can eliminate them if they have infested a tree.

Make sure that you talk to tree service professionals near you to learn more about the ways that they can help with this task. These experts are skilled enough to understand how to manage termite infestations and to prevent them from ever occurring. They are also essential to contact if you find that termites have invaded one or more trees in your yard and you want to get rid of them as soon as possible to keep your yard safe.

Termite Elimination is Essential

The next step that your tree service professionals make if you have termites in your trees is to eliminate them as much as possible. In most cases, this will require termiticides. These chemicals are a type of pesticide that focuses solely on removing termites. Professionals will spread these chemicals throughout the infested tree trunk, including in various holes throughout the trunk, to ensure that they are infested and die.

It is essential that you make multiple applications of these chemicals because you can kill millions of termites but still have a problem if you don’t get the queen. The queen termite is a massive beast that lives deep in a colony and which is protected at all costs by the other termites. Multiple termiticide applications by your professionals will ensure that the queen is affected in this way. There are several different ways that these chemicals can be applied.

For example, you can leave termite bait stations near the trees. These stations utilize tasty food that helps to attract termites to eat the poison. You may also want to use electronic systems that drive the termites out using sound waves and electrical signals. Some tree experts will use treatments such as hot and cold to destroy infestations. These include the possible use of liquid nitrogen or burning out the excessive mulch around the base of the tree.

Pruning Damaged Wood Helps Out

After your tree care experts work to eliminate termites, they will have to prune away damaged and dying wood to keep your tree healthy. This wood is often heavily damaged by termites burrowing through it and using its fibers as food and nest material. Pruning away these infested branches is also essential because the tree care professional may remove eggs and other types of termites away from your tree at the same time.

Pruning typically starts at the most heavily-affected areas and then spreads out to non-essential areas of the tree. Essentially, the tree service company tries to take away as little of the tree as possible to ensure that it remains stable and doesn’t fall. In some instances, this may be harder than it seems because the damage may spread rapidly to more delicate areas of the tree that may be more likely to collapse without the proper support.

However, if the termites have damaged essential trunk areas and roots that help keep your tree standing, you’re going to run into a more difficult situation. Experts can’t remove these areas of the tree without compromising its inherent structural capacity. As a result, they may have to move onto the next step of the process and the one that they like the least: tree removal.

Tree Removal May Be Necessary

Although trimming may help to protect many of the trees in your yard after you eliminate the termites, you may also need to contact professionals to get trees removed. Nobody wants to remove their beautiful trees from their yard unless absolutely necessary, of course. Unfortunately, there comes a time when you just don’t have much choice and need to take them out of your yard to protect yourself and your family from the potential danger of falling trees.

For example, if trimming the damaged areas leaves your tree with very small branches that are too short to support the tree, you may want to remove your tree to be safe. This situation is one that can be heartbreaking for many homeowners because they may have had the same tree in their yard for generations. However, the danger of a falling tree is too high to tolerate and requires you to make the tough choice to remove them.

As a result, you should probably contact tree service professionals if you find yourself in this situation. Try to avoid removing trees on your own, though, as this mistake can be a costly one if you aren’t careful. Too many people believe that they have the skills necessary to take trees out of a yard only to find that they are more likely to damage their home instead. Experts can remove these trees in a way that ensures that your home and yard are safe.

Contact Professionals Today

So if you’re worried about the damage that termites have done to your home, and you need the best tree service that Cedar Rapids, Iowa has to offer, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Frank’s Tree Service to learn more. Our experts have years of experience working with tree issues like yours and will take the proper steps to ensure that your home is in great shape for years to come.

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